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AROX LUBRICANTS and AROTECH are established in 1996 comprising the original team that helped transform and thus created the globally accepted products. Armed with experiences garnered from the preceding years, and our extensive knowledge of this industry, we have decided to take a giant leap of faith and face the challenges head on.


Lubricant Technology

Arox Lubricants Company engages in manufacturing, product development and marketing of lubricant and oil specialties for automotive, industrial and marine applicants. Since its incorporation, it has embraced an attitude of ultimate value, which has earned it a reputation of being a reliable supplier of high quality lubricants and oil specialties.

Arox Lubricants Company continues to be accompanied with a sense of history and tradition, with sound high quality products and uncompromising customer service but combines these qualities with a refreshing approach to future investment and innovation.

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Mould Release Agents

AROX Lubricants/Arotech were called in to provide solution.

We rectified the problem which caused the major issues by other Mould oils and created a new formulated Mould Release Agent to resolved the issues.

The Conreleze series performed very good and assessed by Aluminium Formwork Manufacturers with nominated as one of international standard.

Since then, we had been pioneering the produtiton of Form release agent for aluminium system formworks for the building industry both locally and overseas.

Mould Release Agent Malaysia, Malaysia Mould Release Agent Supplier

Our Services

Performance, Quality & Technology

lubricant, automotive lubricant, industrial lubricant, machinery lubrication, marine lubricant oil

Lubricant for Automotive, Industrial & Marine Applicants. Our Lubricant product range covers different type and specification of oil application.

mould oil, aluminium formwork mould oil, mould oil supplier in Malaysia

Release agents for all kind of Formwork System. Our Mould Release Agent covers Metal Form Mould Oil, Aluminium Form Mould Oil and others.

aluminium surface protector, surface protector for copper, stainless steel, and cast iron.

Surface Protector

Surface Protector for Aluminium Formwork. Our Surface Protector is tailor-made solvent-based protective coating for various types of metals

precast concrete, precast concrete system, precast concrete supplier in Malaysia

Precast Concrete Products

All kind of Concrete Precast Products. Custom made precast concrete products

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