Rotafluid: ISO VG 32 & 46 are recommended for slicing vane and rotary screw type compressors. ISO VG 68 & 100 are recommended for reciprocating compressors. ISO VG 150 is for sliding vane type compressors of the Hydrovane, Mattei and Fluidair type. See compressor handbook for correct viscosity grade.
RA: Special compressor oil designed for Japanese made Compressor. ISO VG 32.
SFC: Synthetic performance hydrocracked based compressor oil. ISO VG 32, 46, 68, 100 & 150.
Rotasyn PS: Synthetic compressor oils for superior extreme temperature performance. ISO VG 32, 46, 68 & 100.
RD: Premium quality airline oil for lubricating downstream pneumatic tools and equipment. ISO VG 22, 32, 68 & 100.
Arclube: Naphtenic based refrigeration compressor fluid  for refrigeration R12, R22, ammonia.
Arclube POE: Synthetic polyolester based refrigeration fluid for refrigerant R134a.


Rustpro TF 100: Dewatering fluid and short term indoor corrosion preventative.
Rustpro TF 400: Short to medium term solvent deposited greasy film for indoor use.
Rustpro MB: Oil based, medium term, general purpose dewatering rust preventative for indoor and outdoor use.
Rustpro S40: Medium to long term, solvent deposited thin film protective.
Rustpro S50: Long term waxy corrosion preventative with dewatering properties.
Rustpro WB: Water based corrosion preventative for indoor use.


Acvolt I: Dielectric fluid for transformer, switchgear, welders etc.
Acvolt II: Dielectric fluid for transformer up to 60KV.
EDM 2: Premium Quality Multi-purpose spark erosion fluid.
EDM Extra: Synthetic based, odourless park erosion fluid.
Acflo FG: Food grade heat transfer fluid
Arovac: Low volatility, low vapour pressure, long service life vacuum pump fluid.
Arovac GT: Very low volatility, low vapour pressure, long service life vacuum pump fluid.
Conreleze N: Oil based concrete form oil.
Conreleze WB: Water based concrete form oil
Accyl: Steam cynlinder and worm gear oil. ISO VG 15, 32 & 68
Acpure T: Technical white oil. ISO VG 15, 32 & 68
Acpure FG: Food Grade white oil. ISO VG 15, 32 & 68


Acgear WG: Special worm gear oil, ISO VG 68, 150 % 320
Acgear GT-EP: Semi-synthetic industrial gear oil for most enclosed gear applications. ISO VG 32, 68, 100, 150, 220, 320, 460 & 680
Acsyn EP: Fully synthetic, power efficient oils for high load, “sealed for life” applications. ISO VG 150, 220, 320 & 460
Acsyn PG: Synthetic, polyglycol based gear oils for high temperature and high friction applications. ISO VG 150, 220, 320 & 460


Liplex EP: Long life, high performance lithium complex, NLGI No 2 grease.
Liplex HS: High temperature, high speed bearings grease.
Lister EP: Multi-purpose lithium EP grease with NLGI Nos 1, 2 & 3 respectively.
Lister EP semi-fluid greases: Semi-fluid grease with NLGI Nos 0, 00, 000 respectively.
Lister MS: Heavy duty lithium soap grease with MoS2, NLGI No 2.
Alplex EP: Heavy duty aluminium complex, NIGL No 2 grease.
Baxter NM: NIGL No 2 bentonite Clay base non-melt grease for use on high temperature application up to 260°C continuously.
Baxter AS-CG: Copper and graphite grease for anti-seize of threaded connections at high temperature.
Calplex EP: Calcium complex EP grease for use in wet conditions, NLGI No 2.
Foodgrade Grease: FDA approved. NLGI No 2
WRL 99 Grease: Asphalt based solvent cutback open gear and wire rope grease


MLD 5: Multi-purpose spray which cleans, penetrates, protects, lubricates, prevents corrosion and displaces moisture.
Prise: Lead free anti-seize and assembly spray
MRS: Multipurpose silicone spray that lubricate, shines, restores and protects hard surfaces
Anti-Rust and Chain Lubricant: Lubricants and protects leaf and roller chains from corrosion and wear
LD 33 Solvent Degreaser: Residue free cleaner degreaser


Parclean EH: High activity, non-staining hydrocarbon solvent degreaser
Acclean Emulsion Degreaser: Emulsifabe solvent detergent blend for use on most hard surfaces
A-Kleen: Powerful detergent blend for us in pressure washers and steam cleaners
Acclean EF: Natural, non toxic, safe, biodegradable, multipurpose cleaners / degreaser based on citrus oil